Species/Subspecies: Penicillium commune
Categories: Of practical use; spoilage organism
Etymology: Genus name: paint brush.
Species epithet: common.
Significance:P. commune är en av de viktigaste förskämningsorganismerna på hårda, halvhårda och halvmjuka ostar, som har tillverkats utan tillsats av konserveringsmedel.
Macromorphology (smell):
Spec. Char.:
Disease/effect: Does not cause disease in animals, humans or plants. P. commune is mainly an organism of spoilage.
Virulence Factors: Produces the mycotoxins cyclopiazonic acid and regulovasine A and B. However, mycotoxins are produced in such a low concentration that the risk of poisoning is small.
Genome Sequence: -
ITS regions:
ACC-No GenBankStrain/IsolateNumber of NTGenes
NR_111143 CBS 311.48TM 586 18S rRNA, ITS 1, 5.8S rRNA, ITS 2, 28S rRNA 

Taxonomy/phylogeny: P. commune is considered an ancestral wild-type of the fungal species P. camemberti.
Practical use:P. commune has potential for breaking down waste oil. This fungus also produces statin, which lowers cholesterol levels in the blood.

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