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Background and Purpose

AgriMyc comprises a website and a database with mycological content. The main focus is on microscopic fungi and not, for example, edible mushrooms. This site is based on the same Open Source technology as the VetBact database, which contains information about bacteria of importance in veterinary medicine.

AgriMyc is primarily intended to be a tool for students and teachers affiliated with the different faculties at SLU, but in the long run we believe that AgriMyc can be useful for many other people related to agricultural activities.

The first version of AgriMyc became available in June 2021 and we gratefully receive comments on the content of AgriMyc via our contact page.

Su-lin Hedén (researcher at the Department of Molecular Sciences, SLU) has contributed very valuable comments regarding AgriMyc.


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Published: 2021-06-09, updated: 2022-04-27.

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