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Modified Dixon's agar (mDixon)



Dixon's agar is mainly used for growing Malassezia furfur, but a modified variant (mDixon) can also be used for growing other dermatophytes.

The medium contains:

  • malt extract (contains nutrients)
  • peptone (enzymatic degradation products of animal tissue or milk, which are also a sources of various nutrients)
  • desiccated beef bile, which contains various bile acids
  • Tween 40
  • glycerol monooleat, which is a source of oleic acid
  • agar (gelifying agent)
  • H2O

The pH of the medium should be 6.0.

Other comments:

Most Malassezia species (except M. pachydermatis) are lipophilic i.e. they require the addition of lipids to the culture medium. Other dermatophytes can also be grown in mDixon.

Updated: 2021-09-16.

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