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No. of matching species/subspecies etc: 8IdMbp in genomeGenome Sequence
ACC-No GenBank
ITS seq.
Acc-No GB
Mito DNA
    Epidermophyton floccosum5  NR_131275NC_0073942022-09-14
    Microsporum canis1023.1  GCF_000151145NR_131265NC_0128322022-09-14
    Nannizzia gypsea623.1  GCF_000150975NR_131271 2022-09-14
    Nannizzia persicolor46  EF581135 2022-11-16
    Trichophyton equinum subsp. equinum1223.5  GCA_000151175Z98009 2022-09-14
    Trichophyton mentagrophytes923.7  GCA_003664465OK484432NC_0128262022-09-14
    Trichophyton rubrum5922.5  GCA_000151425 2022-10-26
    Trichophyton verrucosum1322.5  GCF_000151505NR_154982 2022-10-26

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