Species/Subspecies: Actinomortierella wolfii
Category: Animal pathogen
Etymology: Genus name: ?.
Species epithet: ?.
Alternative Species Name(s):Mortierella wolfii
Common name: Nål- eller brödmögel.
Significance:This fungus has no major significance in Sweden, which it does have, however, in many other countries.
  [Of minor importance]   
Geographic distribution: Has been reported from Australia, some countries in Europe, Japan, north Amerika and New Zeeland.
 Actinomortierella wolfii was earlier called Mortierella wolfii and was then placed in the phylum Zygomycota, but this phylum has now been divided into two phyla: Mucoromycota and Zoopagomycota.
Macromorphology (smell): A. wolfii forms characteristic white and velvety colonies with uneven edges. The colonies can have a diameter of 5 cm after about 5 days of incubation.
Micromorphology: A. wolfii can be induced to sporulate by subculturing on a nutrient-deficient medium such as hay-infusion agar.
The sporangiophores are erect and very delicate because they are long (100-250 µm) and narrow (5-20 µm). Sporangia are 15-50 µm in diameter and sporangiospores are 6-10 x 3-5 µm.
Spec. Char.:
Reservoir: Soil
Genome Sequence:
ACC-No GenBankStrain/Isolate# of chromSize (Mbp)
GCA_016098105 NRRL 6351  34.2 

18S rRNA Seq:
ACC-No GenBankStrain/IsolateNumber of NT
KU141329 SSL 18a 1766 

ITS regions:
ACC-No GenBankStrain/IsolateNumber of NTGenes
MH859875 CBS 611.7 702 18S rRNA, ITS 1, 5.8S rRNA, ITS 2, 28S rRNA 

Reference(s): No. 12, 13, 23

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