Species/Subspecies: Fusarium venenatum
Category: Of practical use
Etymology: Genus name: spindle.
Species epithet: poisonous.
Common name: Quorn
Significance:The mycoprotein quorn is extracted from F. venenatum strain AT/5, and is processed into a food, called Quorn.
  [Very important]   
Geographic distribution: The fungus has a global presence.
Macromorphology (smell):
Spec. Char.:
Reservoir: Soil
Disease/effect: Note that disease can only occur after consumption of unprocessed F. venenatum.
Genome Sequence:
ACC-No GenBankStrain/Isolate# of chromSize (Mbp)
GCF_900007375 A3/5 38.7 

Mitochondrial DNA sequence:
ACC-No GenBankStrain/IsolateNumber of BP
NW_020311997 A3/5 78 612 
Linear DNA

18S rRNA Seq:
ACC-No GenBankStrain/IsolateNumber of NTRef
AY188922 1130 # 57
Partial sequence

ITS regions: -
Taxonomy/phylogeny: Fusarium is a very large genus of filamenteous fungi. About 1000 species within seven major clades have been identified.
Comment:Quorn is marketed as a food for vegetarians, but not vegans because egg whites are used as a binder in the final product. In order for quorn to be used as food, the large amount of RNA must be removed, as uric acid is formed when RNA is broken down in the body. Too much uric acid in the body can result in gout and kidney stones.
Reference(s): No. 46

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