Species/Subspecies: Phytophthora infestans
Categories: Plant pathogen; spoilage organism
Etymology: Genus name: plant destruction.
Species epithet: infecting.
Significance:The economic losses caused by the organism to crops worldwide and over the course of a year have been estimated at $ 6 billion.
Geographic distribution: It is believed that the disease originally appeared in the central highlands of Mexico and has since spread to North America and Europe.The disease also occurs in Asia, but not in Australia.
 Note that members of phylum Oomycota do not belong to the actual fungi (Kingdom: Fungi), but belong to a separate group (Kingdom: Chromista), which are also called water moulds (or water molds).
Macromorphology (smell):
Spec. Char.:
Genome Sequence:
ACC-No GenBankStrain/Isolate# of chromSize (Mbp)Ref
GCF_000142945 T30-4 11-13 190.1 # 56

Mitochondrial DNA sequence:
ACC-No GenBankStrain/IsolateNumber of BPRef
NC_002387 West Virginia 4 37 957 # 63
Circular DNA

18S rRNA Seq:
ACC-No GenBankStrain/IsolateNumber of NT
KC677790 PIP30 909 
Partial sequence

ITS regions: -
Taxonomy/phylogeny: Note that this group of organisms does not belong to the kingdom Fungi but instead to the kingdom Chromista, and it is believed that they are closely related to brown algae and diatoms.

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