Species/Subspecies: Claviceps purpurea
Categories: Plant pathogen; toxic for animals; toxic for humans; of practical use; spoilage organism
Etymology: Genus name: club-headed.
Species epithet: purple.
Common name: Ergot
Significance:  [Unclassified]   
Macromorphology (smell):
Spec. Char.:
Hosts/substrateDisease/effectClinical picture or result
Rye and other closely related cereals and forage plants. Wild grass species can also be affected.Ergot disease.Hard, dry, oblong and dark brown sclerotia are produced on the ears (seed heads) of the host plant. In addition to fungal mycelium, these sclerotia also contain mycotoxines (ergot alkaloids).
Most animal species can suffer from ergotism, but it is most common in cattle.Ergotism, which is a mycotoxicosis.Due to restricted blood circulation (vasoconstriction), the tail and ear tips can be affected by gangrene and fall off. Feet and legs can also be affected by severe poisoning with paralysis as a result.
HumansErgotism, which is a mycotoxicosis.Hallucinations, burning sensation in the limbs and gangrene.
Genome Sequence:
ACC-No GenBankStrain/Isolate# of chromSize (Mbp)
GCA_000347355 20.1  30.9 

18S rRNA Seq:
ACC-No GenBankStrain/IsolateNumber of NT
JX083519 CCC685 1118 
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