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No. of matching species/subspecies etc: 10IdMbp in genomeGenome Sequence
ACC-No GenBank
ITS seq.
Acc-No GB
Mito DNA
    Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis1724.1  GCF_000203795NC_119535 2022-06-22
    Candida albicans814.3  GCF_000182965NR_125332NC_0180462022-06-22
    Fusarium graminearum2736.6  GCF_000240135NC_0094932022-06-22
    Fusarium venenatum3238.7  GCF_900007375NW_0203119972021-09-02
    Magnaporthe oryzae2940.9  GCF_000002495GU073121 2022-06-22
    Malassezia pachydermatis78,1  GCF_001278385NR_126114 2022-06-22
    Ophiostoma ulmi1131.5  Not deposited 2021-09-02
    Penicillium rubens1532.2  GCF_000226395NR_111815 2022-06-22
    Penicillium verrucosum subsp. verrucosum430.2  GCA_000970515NR_119495 2022-06-22
    Synchytrium endobioticum5321.5  GCA_006535955.1OL415114 2022-06-15

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